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Friday, October 30, 2009

Trolley Talk

It started with my lunch bag
and, perhaps, a smile.
How did I know that store--and how did he?
Then on to other things.
He teaches high school
is feeling tired
If only they could start the day with prayer
they could focus
be less out of control
It may not be enough these days
We used to value family
And the culture is so hard on them—
there’s so much greed.

Ahead of us more talk
had taken root
between seat and aisle.
The man was joking
looking for a wife.
Said he worked hard every day
would love some good home cooking.
The woman said you need a maid.
To find her man
she’d rather look in church.
This one wouldn’t be there—
He worshipped chicken
Deep dish macaroni.

This easy banter
Flowed back to reach our quiet earnestness
And we all smiled.

Autumn gold

The gingko leaves fell today
soft as satin
they cover the sidewalk
line the street
in quiet gold.

gather armfuls
smooth, caressing
fresh and new as fallen snow
to tuck in around
kale and carrots
snug for the winter now
in gently glowing warmth.

Some things that make me hopeful recently:
--A feisty US Representative, at the height of the foreclosure crisis, urging everybody who was facing foreclosure to STAY IN THEIR HOMES.
--Our local university, which has engaged a food service to provide local food.
--Elderly neighbors who take a genuine interest in the children and are kind down to their bones.
--On the ground healing and reconciliation work in war-torn areas of the Congo.

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