Living in this World

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

#90 Gifts from Grammy

Every morning at breakfast she prayed
a serious intention, to reflect
the love she had from God
in everyone she met.

Where others might have judged, she loved.
Three grown grandsons
coming through the doorway
of her well-appointed home—
bleached spikes
curls down the back
full beard--evoked delight.
How handsome my grandsons are!

Conservative to the core--
hold fast to that which rings of truth
save that which can be used--
she stayed open to the new.
Boundless curiosity
kept her young and deeply loved.
How did this new card game go?
What was the music that he most enjoyed
and why?

If she could add to the sum
of love and beauty in this world,
she would--
in house and family, garden
visits to shut-ins while she still could walk.
If not, she shared her wonder,
at the vastness of the sky
the mysteries of this gift of life.

When all else had been stripped away
she still could melt hearts with her smile.

So I pray that I might grow
in loving intention
curiosity and wonder,
and be a blessing in this world
like Grammy, in her place forever
deep within my heart.

Some things that have made me hopeful recently:

A new law in Maryland creating a type of corporation whose directors can have legal protection when making decisions to consider not only shareholders' interests but employees, the community, and the environment.

An interfaith peace walk where Jews, Muslims, Christians and others walked to three different places of worship, meeting each other on the walk, and being exposed to the best of each other's traditions.

The converging of the scientific and religious communities as groups that share an understanding of the need to value the environment as the context for life on earth.

Simple acts of kindness--the man on the trolley who gave his seat to the mother with two small children.